Sweet Inspiration

       One fine day, as I stood in my kitchen savoring the rich, velvety sweetness of a Pamela’s Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Chunk Cookie—my medicinal cookies, as I’ve come to call them—I was inspired to start this blog.
       I love my sweets. And this one in particular holds a very special place in my heart. Not only will one bite of these chocolicious treats transport you to a land of magical sensory experience, but they also happen to be made sans gluten, wheat, and dairy—three things that for my delicate digestive tract have become intolerable.
       This does not make them a health food, of course; a cookie is a cookie, whether it contains 89% organic ingredients or not! But it does make them a safe indulgence for a highly sensitive, food-allergy plagued individual such as myself. 
       This blog has evolved since that revelatory moment in my kitchen to encompass more than just my love of sensitivity-safe sweets. Aside from being a therapeutic outlet for me—especially when it comes to my reflections and ramblings about food and weight loss and environmental concerns (among other things)—it has afforded me some very cool opportunities, like getting to interview Pamela herself, the woman behind all that gluten-free goodness! 
        Of course, I do still love to highlight and review the products and companies who meet my dietary demands. My struggles with food are something I am constantly striving to embrace, and it's folks like the ones at Pamela's who make that journey a little bit lighter... and a lot more delicious. Yum!


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