Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hypocrisy in a Pretty Pink Bucket

     I had to share this. If the issues weren't so serious and the consequences so far-reaching, I might be inclined to laughreally, really hardover this story. But instead, it's making my stomach turn and my face contort. Ick.
     (Okay, maybe I laughed a little.)
     The basic gist of it is this—KFC partnered with the cancer research group Susan G. Komen for the Cure to produce its latest marketing ploy: the KFC Pink Bucket of good ol' fashioned, factory-farm fried chicken. Hmm...
     Here's the original bit by John Robbins over at The Huffington Post: "Greed, Cancer and Pink KFC Buckets"
     So, it's now cool for the companies who create fried, fatty, chemical-laden, overly processed foods, which are known to contribute to cancer-causing conditions in the body, to donate a portion of their profits to further cancer-curing research? Couldn't they just, I don't know, use that money to make better-tasting, more health-conscious food and save a whole lot of people a whole lot of trouble?
     Now that would be money well spent.


  1. I saw that commercial too and couldn't believe it! Seriously? I mean, seriously?!

  2. I know. As you can see, my thoughts exactly. Ugh!



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