Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Juicy Goodness

     I guess I'm on a fruit kick. I just bought these for the first time, and let me tell you: That 60-calorie blackberry sorbet pop really hit the spot on this warm, summery May night (before it started raining, that is).
     The only problem is, this all-natural treat made me long for the homemade juice pops of my childhood. When I was a little girl, my mother had these plastic popsicle trays. All we had to do was fill them with fruit juice, stick them in the freezer, and wait for them to freeze. The result? Sheer, bite-size, summer-loving deliciousness. I'll bet I can find those trays somewhere; someone must still be selling them.
     Of course, ideally, I'd be growing my own fruits in my own backyard, harvesting those fruits with my own two hands, juicing them in my kitchen, and then pouring the fresh-squeezed fruit juice into the popsicle trays to make my very own frozen treats from scratch. But alas, I am not that personyet. I hope to one day be her, but she is still a figment of my nature-loving imagination.
     Maybe my time spent volunteering at  Mud Creek Farm  this summer will move me closer to making my suburban farm-girl dream a reality.
     Until then, thank you Julie's Organic Sorbet Bars. And to whoever makes those plastic popsicle trays, because I am now determined to find them!

p.s. I made it to the gym again today. My motivation is still seriously off, but I went, and that's all that matters ;-)


  1. Hello 'Stone-breaker', I love your blog!

  2. if u like the bars, try julie's blackberry sorbet. my all-time favorite non-dairy summertime treat!

  3. Ooh, that sounds good... I will!



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